Pilot Training is done by the Paragliding Flight School. With a long career of pilots training, you know you can rely on our experience. We have all the equipment you might need throughout the evolution as a student or pilot. 

Certified by the Portuguese Free Flight Federation ( FPVL ), We have more than 20 years experience in paragliding and more than 15 years career training Pilots from beginner to the highest level of paragliding

Contributing to spread the sport of Paragliding in Portugal with hundreds of succeeded pilots.

Over the last times, we invest in Classes and certifications for foreigners paragliding students. 

( The English language will be used during the courses and final examinations ). We make learning to paraglide fun and as safe as possible.

Reserve your personal classes for any proficiency level.

From beginner to advanced Pilot, If you would like to learn to paraglide come and train at the most popular Paragliding School in Portugal.

Lessons are given on our training sites right here on the beautiful beaches not too far from Lisbon.

Here we can help you progress on your fly skills and techniques

To formalize your registration you will have to fulfill the following requirements:

– Be over 15 years old
– Age less than 65
– Do not carry any infectious or contagious disease.

– Fill out form Mod 03 FPVL (learning license and respective insurance) 120 €
– Medical certificate
– Copy of Identification Card +3 photos.

The registration and completion of all documentation, as well as the medical athlete’s certificate, must be before the start date of the course.

All this process must be fulfilled in order to activate the application for the learning license, personal accident insurance, and civil liability.

For any other questions that you consider pertinent, please contact us by email: or just click the button and fill out our form.