Paragliding Equipment

Whether you just want to have fun or be the best, use the best equipment

We sell SKY Paragliders in Portugal

Portugal Paragliding offers equipment of exceptional quality produced by SKY PARAGLIDERS. The company manufactures a wide range of paragliders, reserves, and other paragliding accessories and is commonly used by top paragliding pilots. Also, the ISO certification we achieved makes the company unique in the world of paragliding and we believe that together with you, all the pilots from all over the world, we will manage to serve you with outstanding products from the heart of Europe. Our Professional instructors will help you match the glider to your particular interests, strengths, weaknesses, and skill level. Another Services we use to provide: Parachute Packing and installation.
Sky Paragliders EXOS EN C Performance from Sky Paragliders on Vimeo. EXOS. Captivating pilot engagement. EN C performance for the serious XC pilot