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Although most pilots joining this train will already have some X-C experience, others will come hoping to have X-C flying demystified.  Paragliding is a truly extraordinary experience. We believe that learning to XC flying should be an evolutionary experience based on the undertanding of how our glider flows and moves in a Mountain environment and get the most from our X-C flying.

We learn best by practice. Our number one aim will be to give you the opportunity to fly as much and as safely as possible.  Because we know you want to be as safe as you can be and have as much fun as possible we are proposing to spend approximately one hour each day (usually in the morning) exploring topics related to X-C and Mountain flying.  

Unleash the Potential of your XC Capabilities


Each day will be designed around a key topic with the express aim of keeping you safer and with a better understanding of what involves flying efficiently and performing better

As we encourage each and every pilot to progress at their own pace and fly only in conditions that they understand and are comfortable with, we are confident that most pilots will learn a great deal from this experience.  Whether your aim is to achieve a 100km mountain flight, rack up some airtime or simply and slowly gain confidence in a flying environment; we’ll be here to help. Most importantly, we believe you’ll enjoy a lot and go home wanting to come back for more.

You can have all of the logistics included and get the best use of your free days from a trip or holidays.
From the booking of activities, airport transfers, transport to flight zone, flight zone briefing, and recovery at the landing site. You can get it all. 

Please use the pre-reserve form to, request information for a customised experience tour package.

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Advanced Flying Training

About - José Rebelo

Portugal Paragliding is proud of the collaboration of our experienced trainer and PWC pilot.

With the aim to promote what our country has to offer, you can progress in the XC Discipline with the best professionals. 

Let us take you to the best experiences and meet your expectations.

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Paragliding - Flight School

Learning to Fly - From ground zero to cloudbase hero

With a long career of pilots training, you know you can rely on our experience. We have all the equipment you might need throughout the evolution as a student or pilot. 

Certified by the Portuguese Free Flight Federation ( FPVL ), We have more than 20 years experience in paragliding and more than 15 years career training Pilots from beginner to the highest level of paragliding

Contributing to spread the sport of Paragliding in Portugal with hundreds of succeeded pilots.

Over the last times, we invest in Classes and certifications for foreigners paragliding students. 

( The English language will be used during the courses and final examinations ). We make learning to paraglide fun and as safe as possible.

Reserve your personal classes for any proficiency level.

From beginner to advanced Pilot, If you would like to learn to paraglide come and train at the most popular Paragliding School in Portugal.

Lessons are given on our training sites right here on the beautiful beaches not too far from Lisbon.

Here we can help you progress on your fly skills and techniques

To formalize your registration you will have to fulfill the following requirements:

– Be over 15 years old
– Age less than 65
– Do not carry any infectious or contagious disease.

– Fill out form Mod 03 FPVL (learning license and respective insurance) 120 €
– Medical certificate
– Copy of Identification Card +3 photos.

The registration and completion of all documentation, as well as the medical athlete’s certificate, must be before the start date of the course.

All this process must be fulfilled in order to activate the application for the learning license, personal accident insurance, and civil liability.

For any other questions that you consider pertinent, please contact us by email: or just click the button and fill out our form.