Paragliding Guided Tours

Mountain thermal and Soaring Ridge Tour

Organised Paragliding Tours for Groups and Clubs

A Mix Tour Covering the Best Flying Spots for Thermal and Soaring

These packages are aimed for all those pilots who want to dedicate a week to developing or improving their flying skills in new locations, with all the logistics you need.

Whether your goal is become a more experienced pilot, it begins with the decision to get used to different flight spots. Make this commitment with a safe and successful flight training!

Guiding comes in many forms, from the simple (“There’s the take-off. Hope to see you later!”) through to the superior air-to-air radio assisted guiding.
We believe there is room for most types of guiding, Portugal Paragliding opted to give you the highest quality service. We know the flying sites and understand the flying conditions intricately.

Whilst we encourage each and every pilot to progress at their own pace and fly only in conditions that they understand and are comfortable with, we are confident that most pilots will learn a great deal from this experience. will include full site briefings and task-focused flight plans to suit every ability level. 

These flying spots are most suitable for Intermediate to advanced pilots. Flying together with other pilots will reward you with a great experience and ability to adapt to different types of flight conditions and knowing how to adjust your flight accordingly.

Difficulty level: Intermediate and advanced pilots
These locations provide all the pilots with experience and excitement.

We will take care of mostly everything once you arrive.  

The price includes: 
Transportation: Your ground transportation is included in the tour, (Airport transfers, Hotel transfers at the end of the day and duringthe day activities), are all included in the packages
Accommodation: The accommodation of the participants will be mostly closest and conveniently placed together unless it will be physically or logistically difficult to guarantee.

Meals: Meals are always excluded from this packet and responsibility of the participants. For that, we will provide detailed information during the morning briefings. Breakfast and dinners could be prepared by the participants at the where you will stay. Participants/Pilots are responsible for making their own “air meals” during the day.

Meteorologic forecast: Daily weather forecasts, meteo analysis and updates, specific for the location.

On your tour, we provide coaching about the flying sites.
Launching supervision by an instructor.
Flying tips. Radio communication and instructions.

Another Services we use to provide:
–  Equipment Rental
–  Parachute Packing and installation.

What more:
You will offer Free event T-shirt or Hat, Photos of the day.


–  To have a  P2 certification
( or equivalent: IPPI card ).
–  DHV or CEN certified equipment.
–  Reserve parachute.
–  Helmet.
–  144Mz Band radio.

This is a Saturday to Saturday tour


Week Tours Enquire/ Reserve

Saturday to Saturday Week Tour

We will give you tips and pointers helping you maximize your flying experience.
We will keep you up in the air for as long as possible and of course a full retrieval service however far you go!

You will get different approaches to different flying conditions, different places, and flying styles.
Gain the necessary information to keep flying safely and flying better at new and different sites.
Check out with us first to make your next vacation even less stressful and more memorable!

The costs can be calculated for each specific program, considering the number of people participating, number of days, standard hosting, and mileage to be covered. Free flight tour with 7 days duration with standard hostel accommodation or network of low-cost hotels,  minimum groups of 4 and max. 8 people on a max. of 2 groups.

You can have all included logistics and get the best use of your holidays. From the airport transfers or transportation to the flight site Briefing on the flight zone and rescuing at the landing site.